The True Leaders

True leaders are SERVANTS not lords, and good leaders are STEWARDS not traitors. If you are appointed by your pastor, exercise servanthood, not lordship. Knowing your limitations is very important to maintain a good quality leadership. The pastor is always the final authority in the church. Other leaders are delegated authorities, are always under the authority of the pastor who appointed him or her, and has no right to exercise superiority. A true leader is always a good follower and a vivid listener. If a leader always complain and argue, he or she is not a good leader, because a good leader is always a good listener.

A good leader should not try to boast of his or her accomplishments, because the purpose and products of an effort is for God and of God. Therefore, just do what a leader is supposed to do as part of his/her job and let God give the reward. The pastor knows every sacrifice of his appointees, and a good leader no need to say, “I did this, I did that..” I salute leaders who, even though have given a lot of sacrifices but still consider himself or herself as unworthy. That is humility. That’s the attitude of every leader should be. Submission is a word that hurts the pride of a rebellious, but to a humble leader, submission is a sweet honeycomb.

A good leader will not disobey his pastor, but rather seek counsel from him and call him his or her mentor. A word of counsel to all leaders: think of others and not your own self. Work for the sake of the general body and do not seek your own profit or personal honor. Leaders, wherever you go, keep in mind that the reason why your pastor appointed you it is because he considered your burden and trusted you. Don’t fail and disappoint the one who appointed you by acting like a lord. You are a servant and not a master. You are a steward and not a traitor. Be humble. Be submissive. Be obedient.

If your leadership lack these qualities, you are not a good leader. Don’t repeat Adolf Hitler’s history. Set an example and imitate the example of Jesus Christ whose leadership is based on humility. You may be a leader, but if your leadership harbors pride, rebellion and disobedience, you are not a good billboard for God. There is still room for repentance!

Rains do not stay on top; they go down to the deepest part. If you want God to bless you and lift you up, stay humble, because God’s blessings cannot and will never stay at prideful person.

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up”

James 4:10

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