Excerpts From My Book Titled “Challenge The Challenges”

Getting Spiritual

The prayer song was touching Raj’s heart so deep that tears rolled down. He felt a great solace in the church that preached one God doctrine. Although his low back and neck hurt, he would swing like all the followers to the music that played aloud in the church hall. There were several people in the hall and the orchestra was in full tempo. Someone cried aloud and many were wiping their tears. The song praised Jesus and assured eternal happiness to sinners who confessed and took up righteous living. Raj felt at home. He did not think of worries or problems. Peace dawned upon him. It was indeed mesmerizing.

Raj did not follow much that was spoken in the church or the messages delivered in the service, as most of them were in a different language. But the music and melody were speaking by itself, the glories of the lord.

When his eyes were closed someone walked closer to him and placed their palm on his shoulder. He felt relaxed and hopeful. He could hear prayers being delivered for him. It was the pastor who was placing his hand on Raj and uttering the word of prayer in a soft strong tone. “I declare complete healing to Bro Raj in Jesus name. Lord guide him. Show him mercy…” He could feel comfort reigning his being.  Pastor was a very compassionate fine young man in early 40s. Doctor by profession and had strong captivating voice and conviction in his words. All in church surely felt protected and relaxed.

The worship service had song of meditation, opening prayer followed by a welcome song. During the song the complete hall vibrated with love and grace. It was a practice for all to greet each other during the welcome song. Every one in the church shook hands with each other wearing a warm smile. All felt oneness in their heart and the faith grew stronger.

The welcome song was followed by offerings, which was followed by solo singing. Any one can opt to sing that was normally practiced on Wednesday.  In the final one hour Pastor delivered a powerful message with lots of live and practical examples. He always speaks with authority and his voice fills the hall mixed with emotions and laughter.

When the music and singing stopped, Raj got thoughtful. What was he doing in the church? It was strange. He is born and raised in a different faith. What will his friends and colleagues think about him? Brushing away such thoughts, he thought of the care and affection the church showed him. All in the church loved him so much. Besides he felt care during his agonizing moments of desperation and moneyless situation when he was feeling abandoned in life.

It was 3 years ago when Raj was sad with pains, a friend brought him to church to hear the word of God and get solace from worries and pains. But he had not been regular and had completely stopped visiting the church. When the miseries struck him hard he stepped into church again.

When he was just less than a week in the church, he lost his job and that could have devastated him. But the effect was much reduced as the church was talking encouraging and comforting words to him that eased the stress and gave him the strength to look for another job. In few weeks he got another job.

The greatest enemy for Raj was his loneliness. It is during the lonely moments, people tend to worry and bring up negative thoughts. So this intervention of the church eased his stress and negativity.

Raj was feeling protection all the time being associated with church. Whenever he had big pains or some unbearable circumstances, pastor will give prayers and sometimes the church elders would pray for Raj. The most comforting to Raj were the words spoken….”provide bro Raj with your mercy lord. He needs your protection and save him from all miseries”. These words were spoken loud and authoritatively. This made Raj feel very good and relaxed. He was able to relax mentally and rearrange his thoughts to face his hardships.

Most of the people in the church were from very humble back ground. Many were from poor families and have found great comfort and protection in the church.

Raj loved to visit the church more after he came to know of the power and inspirational sermon the Pastor used to give. 

Gradually he got friendly in the church. All in the church became like a family to Raj.

Sometimes he was requested to be an emcee for worship service that lasted for 2 hours. Raj worked on his speech and used such opportunities to speak in front of people. But surely he was getting stuck quite often. More than the speech content he had to work on his mind to unblock the clogs of doubts and fear. But surely the power in the church would give him all the strength.

Raj could faintly hear a thunder roll up behind those dark clouds. He was also like the clouds. His thoughts were blocked and darkened by the bitter experiences. But now a dose of simple positive thinking was clearing up the darkness at the surface. Much more to go deeper, but what is the use if only thoughts are becoming positive, there still remains the problems he was facing. But the positive thinking was bringing in tiny hopes to live and enjoy. So many years of just thinking and thinking and quietly drowning in sadness all alone by himself had made him captive. He could not think or act. His emotions were lost and he did not feel any care like before as he himself was bereft of care for a very long time… he knew at the bottom of his heart that he cannot pull along for long as pains and loneliness has a limit to the mind. Mind cannot take more and can collapse one day. So this intervention by motivational speeches and church was having a profound effect in him. As he was feeling hope in these, he would listen to it often and again and this had great impact on him and others…

He got the inspiration to write and slowly got back the confidence to solve all his problems..

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