Mom is blessed

She had not stepped out of the home for few days. She was experiencing pain and discomfort in her stomach. Upon examination doctor said her uterus has started to sag and there is infection. She was administered injection and put on antibiotics. Condition was not improving and we sought a second opinion.

The senior doctor immediately recommended hysterectomy. But my mom had just turned 80 couple of days ago. At this age how can she withstand a major surgery? The doctor was uncompromising and told us the dire consequences if the surgery is not done at once.

My mom agreed for the surgery. Upon admitting her in the hospital, due to anxiety her blood pressure and sugar level started rising. Medicines were given for two days. Ulcerous tissues were not healing due to old age. Doctor increased the antibiotics and slowly she was healing and getting ready for the surgery.

The date and time was set. I messaged Pastor Chris to pray and GCM family started praying for her recovery. Odds were very high due to her old age.

An hour before the surgery I was called by the anesthetist. He explained to me about the procedure and explained that initially they will sedate her from waist down like in C section delivery through her lower spine and if that does not work they will sedate her fully, but the risks are very high.

I signed few declaration sheets to commence the procedure. My wife kept talking to my mom and building her faith and confidence.

After half hour preparation she was wheeled in to the operation theatre. Time passed. Our anxiety grew. Hours were passing. After 4 hours we were informed that the surgery was successful, but critical due to rise in blood pressure. She was transferred to ICU and kept under observation. After an hour I and my wife were allowed to see my mom.

I was delighted to go and see her. But little did I know that I was stepping into knowing life and pains.

I saw my mom trying to writhe in pain. I looked up the anesthetist who was trying to put some medicine through the nerve tubes already pierced in her elbow. It was obvious that the sedation had started to wear off. He said that he cannot sedate her anymore or give strong pain killers due to old age and rise in blood pressure.

Obviously there was big blood loss and they had to inject plenty of donor blood in the process. Although my blood matched, they could not take mine due to high blood pressure that I was experiencing that time and the pain medicines I was taking for my problems. By God’s grace the hospital arranged for enough blood for the surgery.

Pastor messaged me that it is good sign that she is not having Hypovolemia (excess loss of blood)

The doctor met me outside and said, “Sir it was a major surgery. The entire region was ulcerous. Along with removing the Uterus they had to scrape and clean the area”. The doctor showed us the extracted part and the infected tissues. A chill ran through me.

My mom was refusing to place the oxygen mask due to the shooting pain she was going through. Tears started to fill my eyes. I inched towards her bed. She turned her head and was still in some sedation. She looked at me and clenched my hand and pleaded…”please dear, do something to reduce the pain. I am not able to take it.” And she added, “Life is just nothing, this pain that I am going through is taking away my life. I am not even able to pray. No one on earth should feel this agony. People should stop being greedy, jealous, unkind etc. In the end there is nothing….”  And she was getting a little delirious.

I felt very sad. I could not see her in so much pain. I have never heard her speak about life ever before. Most of the strength in my life was because of her positive attitude. But now she was in unbearable pain. The lady who brought me into this world and sacrificed so much in life to see me happy and never rested all these years was here lying helplessly crying in pain. I cried out in silence, “Lord reduce my mom’s pain. You have blessed me with opportunity to help others in their distress, but here is my mom for whom I can’t do anything”

As she was holding my hand trying to press as she felt piercing pain, I did not know what to do. I was trying to hide my welling tears. I had to tear away from her as I can’t stay long in the ICU. Nurses and doctor were running tests and monitoring the heartbeat and administering very mild pain killers

I was looking at the doctor imploringly. Doctor’s eyes were sad and helpless.

My wife started to cry too. Painfully I left the ICU room and went down the stairs to the guest room. My world had turned black. Am I going to lose my mom in such grueling pain? My heart started to pound fast. It was 10.30 pm, 2 hours past the surgery.

I was feeling pain in my right shoulder for two days and the area had redness and swelling. I was on my regular green pill. I went down to the guest room, sat on the edge of the bench bent my head down clasping my hand I started to cry and told my wife to go up again to the ICU , place her hand on my mom’s forehead and pray.  As my wife left, I started praying very hard, “Jesus, please show mercy, forgive me for my sins, walk to the bed in ICU and alleviate the pain my mom is going through”.

I got deeper in prayers and faith build over me fully. I forgot the world around and focused on the healing. I uttered, “Lord Increase the pain in my right shoulder and ease my mom’s pain.” I was ready to give myself for the soul that gave me life. I prayed that the medicines should start to work on my mom and I swallowed my green pain pill saying prayers.

Next one hour was excruciating for me. The pain in my right shoulder spread and travelled down to the color bone and surrounding area. I started moaning in pain. I had never experienced that kind of pain before. I could not rest my head anywhere. Shoulder to ribs. the skin had turned red. I got up holding my shoulder and walked up and down.  My cousin ran down to the pharmacy and brought a hot bag to reduce the swelling. I said let me endure this pain. It is given by the lord as per my wish. I closed my eyes as my wife kept pressing the affected area. In 30 minutes we got news that my mom is sleeping now.

My wife later related that as I was praying in the guest room and she was placing her hand on my mom’s forehead she felt sudden goose bumps and confident healing flowing through her hand. I knew the same instant that prayers from all of you in GCM is manifesting in decreasing the pain.

In the next one hour, I slept too. It was miraculous. I just couldn’t explain what happened in those agonizing moments. All I knew was that God was there and showed his miracle.

My faith was reinforced once again.

Morning we found her smiling and all pains had subsided. Our hearts filled up with inexpressible gratitude. We never told her about my pains as she will get worried that may affect her condition given the fact that she just turned 80.

I cannot narrate or express this ordeal and blessing, as people will not believe me in this digital era. I have felt it and feel so blessed.

In conclusion all I can say is that God is with me all the time and is with everyone who have belief and faith.

Feel this protection in the heart and don’t feel alone in the face of trials and hardships. Call out in belief and faith and he will make his presence felt through a blessing.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bro. Raj