United in Spirit and in Truth by Sister Joy Pangan

I was able to visit our Mother Church in Angeles City, Pampanga when I had my vacation last 2014.

Considering that I worked and lived in Angeles City for four years (from 2006 to 2010) before I went here in Bahrain, I sometimes asked God, why didn’t I encounter Him during those years? Every day and every night, I was passing that street where our mother church is. Imagine, my boarding house was only few steps away from the church!

Nanghihinayang ako sa mga panahong iyon na nasayang, but of course, mayroong sariling kaparaanan at kapanahunan ang ating Panginoon, ika nga nila… in God’s perfect time.  

During my stay there for 2 months, I’ve met all the brethren in GCM Philippines. Children, youth and even the old ones… together, we serve God in the ministry.  Amen. It was truly a humbling experience. They gave me warm welcome and I sincerely felt our spiritual bond and connection through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I clearly remember when they told me they seldom get an opportunity to have fellowship with GCM Bahrain brethren during vacations, it pricked my heart.

Yes, it’s understandable we only have limited time to stay in the Philippines. But only if we prioritize few hours to fellowship with them, I assure you, it will be a blessed and memorable one! It’s like going back to the roots of the church and ministry where it all began. After all, the God that we worship here in Bahrain is the same God that these brethren are worshipping too… in spirit and in truth. Amen.

That is why I wrote this blog to encourage everyone, to find in your heart the time to be with them, as they are our spiritual family too. Here in Bahrain, we always say GCM Family isn’t it? When we go to the Philippines, we too have a family there… praying and patiently waiting for that fellowship to happen. It’s nice to meet people especially if you share the same passion in faith and in Christ.

Absolutely, when the time comes, we will all gonna meet these brethren in heaven, along with other believers. And we will all become brothers and sisters in Christ, all together, united in praising and worshipping the One True Loving God Jesus Christ. Amen.

God bless everyone!