In a world of constant distractions, learning to achieve and sustain a laser-like focus on your priorities gives you an enormous competitive advantage in the marketplace – as well as enormous benefits to your personal life. If keeping your focus has never been harder, the payoffs have never been better. How do you achieve laser-like concentration? I’m going to share with you seven principles of achieving and sustaining an intense, productive and energizing focus.

  1. Keep the Big Picture in Mind. To successfully sustain you focus, you must first have a big-picture view of your goals and priorities, and a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish. After all, achieving an intense and sustained focus is not an end in itself, but a powerful means of achieving your long-term goals. The clearer, and more specific and more vividly you visualize the big picture of what you hope to accomplish, the more successfully you can focus on the means of achieving it.
  2. Set Goals That Excite You. One characteristic shared by virtually every highly successful person is that they had big dreams and specific goals. The higher you aim, the higher you’ll go – even if you fail to hit your target. And if you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars.
  3. Be Mindful. By targeting your attention with laser-beam accuracy to the matter at hand, you are literally unable to entertain destructive thoughts. Concentrating on the present reality eliminates fear of future possibilities. In this way, being mindful not only increases your effectiveness, it enhances your peace of mind.
  4. Track Your Progress. When you see the advances you have made, it is easier to concentrate on covering the ground that remains. Tracking your past progress enables you to enter unfamiliar terrain with the confidence that comes from success and experience. Some strategies that will help enable you to monitor and accelerate your progress include setting deadlines, taking time for re-evaluation and allowing for adjustments.
  5. Use Time As Your Servant. Counting time is not nearly as important as making time count. Here are some management strategies that will help you stay focused:
    ----Tackle the most difficult aspects of your mission during your “prime time” – your period of greatest productivity and energy.
    ----Deal decisively with interruptions. Think and write down ways to prevent such interruptions from happening in the first place. It is best to avoid them whenever possible.
    ----Learn to say “no.”  Sustaining your focus on your priorities will require that you decline invitations, refuse requests, and even pass up some interesting opportunities.
  6. Keep Your Balance. The purpose of keeping your focus is to enable you to spend your time and energy on the people and things that are most important. Just as keeping your balance is essential to enjoying the benefits of your achievements.
  7. Anticipate Obstacles. To sustain your focus and achieve your goals, you must not only anticipate obstacles, you must prepare for them

When the well runs dry....

Here are some things I learned about surviving when the well runs dry.

  1. Recognize the Adversary. According to I Peter 5:8, we have an adversary who seeks to devour us. Satan’s strategy is seen throughout the Scriptures – to strike shepherds and scatter the sheep. For instance, he assaulted Timothy with insecurity and inadequacy. I was Timothy. Satan harassed me with thoughts: You’re a failure. You’re a terrible pastor. Your aren’t gifted enough. The church would be better off without you. You’ve missed your calling. They hounded my mind continually, and I began to believe them. Then I had to trust that He would equip and enable me to get the job done. I went to the Scriptures that speak of endurance and perseverance. Deep down I knew I had to press on, and God would see me through. He did. I’m thankful I didn’t quit.
  2. Settle the Commitment Issue. Another breakthrough came by committing myself anew to the call of pasturing. Discouragement caused me to entertain ideas of quitting the ministry and focusing to my medical professions. Mentally I packed my bags daily. The fantasies provided brief oases in my desert, but ultimately they sucked me down into deeper depression. Indecision frustrated and complicated my state of mind. I became angry that the ministry forced me to say “No” to other options. Then Jesus’ words began to impress my thoughts, “Whosoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it.” (Matt. 16:25). I was trying to save my life. Leaving the ministry would be a cop-out and would cost me long-term blessings and character development. Therefore, I determined to stick with it and be faithful to the call. Even if it killed me, I would give myself to the ministry. It was a turning point. The distracting, conflicting desires faded. Contentment came, followed by genuine joy.
  3. Help From Others. Another turning point came when my wife and I sought counsel. We had talked about the need to seek help, but I was reluctant to bother others with my problems. So I kept putting it off. That week we made an appointment with Pastora Lucila and Brother Henry. As I spilled the sewage of my soul, they listened with nodding heads. Although they didn’t tell me anything I hadn’t already heard, being able to unburden my mind gave birth to a new perspective. Having the prayer and emotional support of others has effected definite change in my life.
  4. Distinguish Between Yourself and Your Ministry. I learned, however, that such sharing needed some boundaries. I had to learn to confine the situation to its appropriate territory, including disciplining my thoughts during off-hours. Resisting the temptation to discuss matters at home, and developing a pattern of prayer that focused on personal and family issues rather than church business.
  5. Keep the Momentum. Each of these disciplines has served as underground water sources to replenish my well – nothing spectacular by themselves, but together they’ve provided refreshment to me and to those I pastor. They don’t change circumstances or shelter me from problems; however, as I maintain them as an ongoing part of my life, they bring me into contact with God’s strength – the only reliable well from which to draw.

2018 GCM Worker's Night was successful

The Great Commission Ministries in the Kingdom of Bahrain launches our yearly worker's Night in the Upper Room last January 19, 2018. The GCM brethren were encouraged and motivated in the Ministry. I would like to share the following motivational strategies to our GCM Workers.

Motivating yourself to get going and gain momentum is one thing, but inspiring others is another. It starts with your own motivation and continues with strategies that speak to your people. Use the following ideas to give those around you an extra boost of motivation:

• Communicate with Clarity. Before you try to motivate others to act, be sure you know exactly what to ask for. Then communicate it as simply and clearly as you can. After all, people cannot do what they do not understand. We have a strong group in Viber that spreads our information in seconds. We can communicate through this interface and share our thoughts with regards to the Church activities.

• Be Committed to a Purpose. The one common denominator of all great people in history is that they believed in what they were doing. They were dedicated and committed to their vision and purpose. People will always be persuaded more by the depth of your convictions than by the height of your logic. So, to motivate others, always show them your commitment.

• Give People Recognition. Few things motivate us better than praise. When you tell others that they are doing a great job, it makes them want to work even harder to continue earning your praise. We all have a desire to feel needed and important. For that reason, recognition can be the most dynamic of all motivating factors. During the Worker's Night, most of them were blessed and they were recognized according to their faithfulness and dedication in the Ministry.

• Believe in Them. How you see people determines at what level they will perform. If you see them as problems, that’s what they become. If you see them as successes, they’ll be successful.

Successful leaders are able to fulfill their vision not only through the contribution of others – because they understand people and know how to motivate them.

We are looking forward to have a dedicated and spirit-led workers in the year 2018!

Word: Sharper than any two-edged sword by Sis Buen

Greetings! I found the poem I made 2 years ago, which was inspired by the GCM message dated 16 August 2015, through Pastor Chris entitled “Sharper than any two edged sword”. Truly we need to hide His Words in our hearts, as the song goes... so that sin may not come in.

I need to cover my face as I am ashamed of myself! Sorry Lord, it has been awhile! Need to make new poems for you. I love you Lord!


United in Spirit and in Truth by Sister Joy Pangan

I was able to visit our Mother Church in Angeles City, Pampanga when I had my vacation last 2014.

Considering that I worked and lived in Angeles City for four years (from 2006 to 2010) before I went here in Bahrain, I sometimes asked God, why didn’t I encounter Him during those years? Every day and every night, I was passing that street where our mother church is. Imagine, my boarding house was only few steps away from the church!

Nanghihinayang ako sa mga panahong iyon na nasayang, but of course, mayroong sariling kaparaanan at kapanahunan ang ating Panginoon, ika nga nila… in God’s perfect time.  

During my stay there for 2 months, I’ve met all the brethren in GCM Philippines. Children, youth and even the old ones… together, we serve God in the ministry.  Amen. It was truly a humbling experience. They gave me warm welcome and I sincerely felt our spiritual bond and connection through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I clearly remember when they told me they seldom get an opportunity to have fellowship with GCM Bahrain brethren during vacations, it pricked my heart.

Yes, it’s understandable we only have limited time to stay in the Philippines. But only if we prioritize few hours to fellowship with them, I assure you, it will be a blessed and memorable one! It’s like going back to the roots of the church and ministry where it all began. After all, the God that we worship here in Bahrain is the same God that these brethren are worshipping too… in spirit and in truth. Amen.

That is why I wrote this blog to encourage everyone, to find in your heart the time to be with them, as they are our spiritual family too. Here in Bahrain, we always say GCM Family isn’t it? When we go to the Philippines, we too have a family there… praying and patiently waiting for that fellowship to happen. It’s nice to meet people especially if you share the same passion in faith and in Christ.

Absolutely, when the time comes, we will all gonna meet these brethren in heaven, along with other believers. And we will all become brothers and sisters in Christ, all together, united in praising and worshipping the One True Loving God Jesus Christ. Amen.

God bless everyone!