Welcome to GCM Church Philippines & the Kingdom of Bahrain!

We seek to evangelize and equip people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, in spirit and truth, for the glory of God!

Great Commission Ministries Church exists to glorify God through authentic worship and the proclamation of His Word and seeks to provide a place for everyone to come to know and experience Jesus Christ for themselves in the power of the Holy Spirit here in the Philippines and in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We believe that God loves everyone and that everyone is therefore important, and so we've striven to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and comfortable to worship God with us.

If you were to walk into one of our services and look around at the people present, you would probably be struck by the different kinds of people there. You would probably see someone like you! Our congregation is composed of people of various races, ethnic origins, nationalities, ages, and social backgrounds. We are different in many ways, but we are united as a community by a common experience of the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

The diversity of people in our congregation is reflected in the diversity of ministries at GCM Church. There is a place for everyone to be a part, but more importantly to be involved and to make a difference. We firmly believe that people are most happy and fulfilled when they have discovered God's purpose for their lives and are actively pursuing it. And we are committed to helping everyone find their purpose and uncover the gifts that God has given them to serve Him and to bless others.

Pastor Esting Aguilar


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Pastor Esting Aguilar

Great Commission Ministries is an apostolic church
Christ-Centered Faith, life-giving, Spirit-filled
One God Jesus Christ-focused church


GCM is about helping people bring about a positive change through Jesus Christ that will impact the rest of their lives.

We are a group of people taking our next steps toward Jesus together. We currently have two worship services every Friday at 10 am in 6th floor Ashrafs Tower, Hoora & Sunday at 20:00 in GCM Upper Room, Muharraq in the kingdom of Bahrain (Both in GMT+3).




The Church exists for one simple purpose: Life Change in 180 degrees. From our weekly teaching ministry and our dynamic worship experience to the intimate but friendly life groups, from the children to the senior adults, we are helping people grow so they can change their lives to reflect the divine purpose of God.

The Church is grace-filled people empowered for community transformation and new church formation so that the Gospel is faithfully transferred from person to person and generation to generation.


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